Unbounce Review: What Does Unbounce Know About Landing Pages?

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Landing pages can dramatically increase your marketing success online. Use landing pages correctly and they can make you a lot of money. If your selling or running any sort of campaign on the Internet and your not using a landing page to optimize your conversions (action you want the user to take) your losing money and leads. I have spent tens of thousands on advertising and lately I have been hooked on landing pages – the only problem is I have had to spend a lot of time and money working with developers to create my custom landing page solutions.

I recently came across a service that aims to ease my pain and help me be successful with my campaigns (this means more money folks)

So without further delay let’s get started on my review of Unbounce.

First off what is Unbounce?

Here is the definition from the folks at Unbounce. “Unbounce is a self-serve hosted service that provides marketers doing paid search, banner ads, email or social media marketing, the easiest way to create, publish & test promotion specific landing pages without the need for IT or developers.”

I would describe Unbounce as an increase in my bottom line revenue. It’s as simple as that.

Let’s begin this Unbounce review by taking a look at the interface.

Dashboard:Photo of the unbounce dashboard
The dashboard is going to give you your birds eye view of everything in your Unbounce account.

  1. Here you can access Support and your Account set up sections
  2. Easy can’t miss create a new landing page button
  3. A running list of all your current published and unpublished landing pages
  4. Quick links to your page editing options
  5. A quick view of your traffic meter (you can see I am way over my free account limit here)

Account Panel:photo of unbounce account panelHere is the account panel where you can manage your account details, upgrade your subscription, and add custom domains. Simply add the domain in your account panel here and then add a cname in your DNS hosting and instead of unbounce.com/your-landing-page you will have yourdomain.com/your-landing-page.

Landing Page Dashboard: This is the dashboard for managing a specific landing page.

  1. Landing page status and delete options
  2. Easily change the URL for this landing page
  3. Your page versions (variants) and stats for each
  4. Easily edit or duplicate a page – the two version allow you to test the best one and when one performs better you can select it as the “champion” and send all traffic to the winning page
  5. Graph showing your conversion rates for each page version over a particular timeframe
  6. This is where you can view and download your leads and also integrate services like mailchimp and flowtown to manage your user list (more on the benefits of these in later posts)

Create A New Page Panel:Image of unbounce create a new page admin panel Once your ready to create a new landing page you are given the option to select from many landing page templates – these templates will give you an excellent start in creating a landing page with the proper layout for optimal conversion. Select a theme, give it a name (this is used as your URL extension so name it appropriately) and your all set to begin editing your new landing page!

Page Editing Panel:image of unbounce edit panel At first glance this page most likely looks very confusing and crowded, but it’s mainly because I have both side panels open so I can show you all the editing options. The screenshot below shows the same page w/o the panels open.

  1. The top panel gives you all the page editing options, such as adding text, images, html, custom scripts and more
  2. The left panel is all the page sections – it looks like a big confusing mess, but it’s an aoutline of all the sections laid out in a outline (for those who have a bit more development background the left panel is pretty cool as it lays things out in a big div like format)
  3. The right panel allows you to adjust all the settings for each of the elements on the page, such as sizes, form details, etc

Here is the edit page with the two side edit panels closed: (it actually took me a while to find these panels the first time I used unbounce)
Image of unbounce edit page with out side panels open

Preview Page:image of the completed landing page preview With a few design tweaks and my copy in place I am ready to preview my landing page – this page began as a one of the templates so you can see the power of using the templates. You can preview both versions of your Unbounce landing page without leaving the preview.

Where Unbounce shines:
Now that we have reviewed the Unbounce app interface, let’s take look at some of the key points that make Unbounce a must for creating profitable landing pages.

  1. Unlimited Pages: you can create pages till your hearts are content – this is great for creating a hundreds of unique landing page if your running a ppc (pay per click) campaign and want to increase your optimization by sending users to landing pages with copy that matches the keyword they searched
  2. Pricing:Unbounce pricing is very entrepreneur friendly starting at only $25/mth for the basic plan and they have a nice free version as well – the nearest competitor performable starts at $200/mth for the basic plan and I think Unbounce is a better platform (I even give them a thumbs up for giving me leeway and notifying me I am over my limit on my free account and not just shutting me down like many services tend to do the minute you reach your limit – shows class in my opinion)
  3. No Developer Required: With a little time you can learn all the ins/outs of Unbounce and be creating pages without a developer (you may still need a designer at this point of their platform – hopefully my recommendations below will help improve this issue?)
  4. Visibility: With Unbounce you get deep visibility into your campaign performance – this aspect alone will increase your profits and makes the cost of a paid account completely justifiable – you have to piece together many solutions to get this kind of data if you use a custom solution (yuck!)
  5. Time:In online marketing the old cliche saying “time is money” is very true – with Unbounce you save a lot of time – once you have the main bulk of work out of the way with your initial landing page you can duplicate and use as a template for entirely new pages
  6. Oli Gardner: This guy is a rockstar – the information he creates on the blog is extremely valuable – so much so that I have seen Internet Marketers charging for similar types of information in eBooks – I highly recommend consistently reading and absorbing the information and lessons he provides on the Unbounce Blog (Example – here is a must read landing page optimization eBook from Oli with tons of valuable info)
  7. Make more money, get more leads, improve your PPC campaigns: It’s as simple as it sounds, with a properly built landing page will make you more money, get you more leads, and improve your search campaigns – So much so that I will be doing a series of posts dedicated to making money and driving leads with Unbounce, so be sure to opt-in below with your email so you don’t miss these money making posts

Where Unbounce could improve a few things:
Like with any service there are things things that could be improved. Unbounce is an amazing product, but here are some areas or features they should really put at the top of their list.

  1. Grouping: Creating a lot of landing pages can create a long messy list of landing pages, which is kind of annoying – if they allowed you to group/arrange your pages by campaign it would solve this issue and make the interface a little cleaner as your page lists grow
  2. Undo: This one has frustrated me a bit at times, although I have learned to pay attention and avoid it – if you accidentally delete something there is no undo when designing a landing page
  3. We are not designers: Let’s face it 99% of us are not kick ass designers and while I love the templates, Unbounce would hit a home run if they created some form of a marketplace for purchasing designs from a community of designers – the concept could be very much like Themeforest marketplace where designers would submit designs for you and I to purchase – Now Unbounce may not want to get into the marketplace model, but something is needed as there is a major pain gap when designing landing pages as I find myself spending hours looking for inspiration and then doing my best to re-create the elements I like – it would be heaven if I could browse multiple categories and hundreds of designs and purchase my next landing page – I would easily pay $10-35 a pop for a landing page design like this!

I am sure that these items have been discussed, if not already on their to-do list ;)

Bottom Line: The bottom line is Unbounce knows a hell of a lot about landing pages and if you do ANY marketing online your are losing money and leads if you are not sending people to a focused landing page. Don’t be one of those people who sends users to their homepage and wonders why they’re not getting very good results. Also forget using a custom solution or hiring a developer to build you a landing page – start using Unbounce and save yourself a lot of headaches!

Unbounce sign up button

Disclaimer: I am not affiliated with Unbounce in any way and this is not a paid post. Nor do I have any affiliate links in this post. I am providing this information because Unbounce has solved a problem for me and hopefully it will help you as well!

Like this post? Hate it? Speak your mind and add a comment to let me know your thoughts!


  1. says

    @twocents thanks for sharing the other services – I will check them out! @megan I just might be able to help you out :) I will also be doing a series of optimization (not that I am a pro) posts an money making posts soon with Unbounce. Stay tuned!

  2. says

    Thanks for taking the time to write such a detailed review Devin.
    You’re suggestions are all very on point too. Love the marketplace idea.
    These are on our roadmap and some of the features you mention should hopefully be arriving sooner rather than later.

    Oh, and thanks for the rockstar comment! *blushing in a cool ripped-jeans kinda way*

    But really – historically, it’s our CEO Rick Perreault who was the rock star :) Check out this video from 15 years ago featuring Nickelback and see if you can spot Rick.


    • says

      RAD – Highway Freak Ticket…Nice! I like the comment where the guy with the mic points out they must have taken marketing class when they show the CD. I guys we know where he got the skills to start Unbounce :)

      So is Rick still rockin with a band or just rockin in the office?

  3. says

    I agree the marketplace idea is awesome. Until that is implemented, you can purchase the landing page themes from themeforest, open up the included photoshop documents and pull them apart…. Then use these elements as images in your unbounce landing page.

    It’s a bit time consuming, but you can come up with some really cool landing pages which as you said can easily be re-produced.

    Check out the case study posted by unbounce themselves, which details this technique and the use of the pay with a tweet button which is awesome…



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